The Fiddlehead

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

Post-Sixties Nocturne by Pier Giorgio Di Cicco
After Six Days by Keith Harrison
Red Shoes in the Rain by Jan E. Conn
Wilderness Images by St. John Simmons
Early Poems by Alden Nowlan
The M Poems by Elizabeth Gourley
Customers by Yvonne Trainer
Pointwise by Derk Wynand
Seventeen Odes by Patrick White
The Sicknesses of Hats by Kim Maltman
Gophers and Swans by Gwen Hauser
Love En Route by Gregory M. Cook
In Bare Apple Boughs by Tim Merrill
Fast Living by Lesley Choyce
Daughters by Jane Munro
The Authentic Life by Suniti Namjoshi
Traditions by Heather Cadsby
The Songs of Bathsheba by Candace Adamson Burstow
Brush and Trunks by Liliane Welch
Positionings by Alice Van Wart
Re-inventing the Wheel by Lesley Choyce
Hole by Kenneth McRobbie
A Long Apprenticeship by Fred Cogswell
Moving Inland by Diana Hayes
Powerland Minds by R. W. Fulford
The Ultimate Contact by Kathy Tyler
Wind Sun Stone and Ice by D. H. Sullivan
Esox Nobilior by J. Michael Yates
Against Perspective by Fred Cogswell
Black Wings White Dead by Michael Bullock
Reflections by Kathleen McCracken
Shadowplay by Robyn Sarah
The Water Book by Ann J. West
Ootischenie by Rona Murray
Sullen Earth by Brenda Fleet
4 Montreal Poets by David Solway
For the Record by Luella Booth