New Issue: Concepts of Vancouver: Poetics, Art, Media #235 (Winter 2017)

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Canadian Literature, Issue 235 (Winter 2017), Concepts of Vancouver: Poetics, Art, Media, guest edited by Gregory Betts and Julia Polyck-O’Neil. They write:

Many of the authors in this collection pick up on this theme of contested space, uncertain and malleable borders, and generative tensions. . . . The consequences of this ongoing spirit of contest, this spirit of necessary caution, are manifold, entrenched by oscillating waves of lefist utopianism, centrist compromise, and rightist austerity. . . . We thus arrive at the lush plurality of a city with both ocean and mountains, tankers and pipelines, with links to Asia and Europe (yet insistently North American), colony and driver of the nation’s decolonial agenda. A city shaped by the expansion of neoliberal and imperial discourses met by generations of aesthetic communities increasingly attuned to the necessity (and seeming impossibility) of resistance.­­

—Gregory Betts and Julia Polyck-O’Neill, “Contesting Vancouver: Case Studies in a Cultural Imaginary

This issue also features:

  • Articles by Jamie Hilder, Mathieu J. P. Aubin, Felicity Tayler, Jason Wiens, Dani Spinosa, and Christopher Gutierrez.
  • Poetry by Chelene Knight, Dana Claxton, bill bissett, Ajmer Rode, Joseph Dandurand, and Jeff Derksen.
  • Reviews by Jennifer Baker, Sarah Banting, Gisèle M. Baxter, Britney Burrell, Laura Cameron, Warren Cariou, Sunny Chan, Eury Coling Chang, Karen Charkeson, Kit Dobson, Alicia Fahey, Margery Fee, Jon Flieger, Graham Nicol Forst, Sarah Galletly, Louis-Serge Gill, Patricia Godbout, Neta Gordon, Brenna Clarke Gray, Carla Harrison, Beverley Haun, Thomas Hodd, Evangeline Holtz, Crystal Hurdle, Suzanne James, David Johnstone, Anne L. Kaufman, Jan Lermitte, Andrea MacPherson, Dancy Mason, Shana Rosenblatt Mauer, Emily McGiffin, Kenneth Meadwell, Geordie Miller, Stephen Ney, Michelle Siobhan O’Brien, Catherine Owen, Malissa Phung, Conrad Scott, Emily Robins Sharpe, Dani Spinosa, Tracy Ware, Kailin Wright, and Robert Zacharias.

The new issue can be ordered through our online store. Happy reading!