New Issue: House, Home, Hospitality #237

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Canadian Literature Issue 237, House, Home, Hospitality! Brendan McCormack’s editorial reflects on notions of house, home, and hospitality in this issue and over the journal’s history as we prepare to host celebrations of Canadian Literature’s sixtieth anniversary at Congress 2019. He writes:

Which brings me back home, to the house this journal’s pages started building six decades ago. How has the house become a home? How does Canadian Literature enact hospitality? Whom does it welcome as visitors? What conversations can it still productively host? How might it become a better guest? Where is its welcome worn, and when is it time to step away and listen? On one hand, these are practical questions of feasibility in a rapidly changing publishing landscape, particularly as the move to open access shifts the foundations of traditional publishing models. Like other journals, we are deeply invested in welcoming more visitors and subscribers, and in making the journal the kind of accommodating space that all sorts of scholars see as a valuable home for their work. On the other hand, these are ideological questions of responsibility for a journal such as this, whose creation in 1959 not only reflected the cultural nationalist climate that made its title possible, but helped support the institutional framework of a cultural formation, “CanLit,” that now appears so inhospitable, so unhomely, and for many always has been. . . . At this moment when CanLit is at once uninhabitable and ripe for rebuilding, it is incumbent upon its institutions—including its journals—to reimagine their hospitality and social relations.

—Brendan McCormack, “Be Our Guest

This issue also features:

  • Articles by Deanna Reder and Alix Shield, Aubrey Jean Hanson, Alec Follett, Jane Boyes, James Hahn, and Julie Cairnie.
  • Poetry by Pauline Peters, Hendrik Slegtenhorst, Sabyasachi Nag, Michael Penny, George Elliott Clarke, Tas Elizabeth Beck, Jessica Brown, and Dawn Macdonald.
  • Reviews by Angie Abdou, Alex Assaly, Paul Barrett, Guy Beauregard, Will Best, Magali Blanc, Natalie Boldt, Alexandra Bournelis, Marie-Eve Bradette, Nicholas Bradley, Olivia Burgess, Tim Conley, Joel Deshaye, Margery Fee, Shoshannah Ganz, James Gifford, Aubrey Jean Hanson, Evangeline Holtz, Brenda Johnston, Jan Lermitte, Denyse Lynde, Tanis MacDonald, Gabrielle Mills, Shane Neilson, Claire Omhovère, Kait Pinder, Eric Schmaltz, Monica Sousa, Dale Tracy, Véronique Trottier, Melanie Dennis Unrau, Sylvie Vranckx, Emily Wall, Chuan Xu, and Matthew Zantingh.
  • Opinions and Notes by Sharanpal Ruprai and Sheniz Janmohamed, and Shazia Hafiz Ramji.

The new issue can be ordered through our online store. Happy reading!