CanLit Books

Baby Dreams

Baby Elephant

Baby Fox

Baby Khaki’s Wings

Baby Khaki’s Wings

Baby Lion

Bach et Bottine

Bachelard, ou le concept contre l’image


Back Flip

Back in the Days

Back on Tuesday

Back Talk: Plays of Black Experience

Back the Attack!

Back to the War

Background Music


Backing into Heaven

Backroads of British Columbia

Backyard Gene Pool

Bad Boy

Bad Endings

Bad Engine

Bad Girl

Bad Ideas

Bad Imaginings

Bad Things Happen

Badass on a Softail

Badass on a Softail

Badger, the Mischief Maker


Bag Babies


Baie des Anges

Baker’s Dozen: Stories By Women

Bakhtin and Cultural Theory


Ballad of a Stone Picker


Balls for a One-Armed Juggler

Baltimore’s Mansion

Bambi and Me


Banana Boots

Banana Boys

Banc de brume ou Les aventures de la petite fille que l’on croyait partie avec l’eau du bain

Banc de brume ou Les aventures de la petite fille que l’on croyait partie avec l’eau du bain


Bang Crunch

Banjo Lessons

Banjo Lessons

Banting: A Biography

Banting: A Biography

Barbaric Cultural Practice

Bardic Nationalism

Bardy Google

Barebacked with Rain


Barking & Biting: The Poetry of Sina Queyras

Barnacle Love

Barney’s Version

Baroness Elsa

Baroness Elsa. Gender, Dada and Everyday Modernity. A Cultural Biography

Barrios and Borderlands: Cultures of Latinos and Latinas in the United States

Barry Callaghan


Bartlett: The Great Canadian Explorer

Baseball Love

Baseball: A Poem in the Magic Number 9


Based on a True Story

Based on Actual Events

Basements and Attics, Closets and Cyberspace: Exploring Canadian Women’s Archives

Basic Black With Pearls

Bastardi Puri

Bathsheba’s Breast: Women, Cancer and History

Battering Ram

Battle for the Rock

Battle for the West: Fur-Traders and the Birth of Western Canada

Battle Lines: Canadian Poetry in English and the First World War

Bay of Spirits: A Love Story

Bayonets at St. Cloud

Bayou mystère

Baysville: Poems

Be Calm, Honey

Be Labour Reading

Be My Wolff

Be Quiet

Be Sure to Close Your Eyes


Bear Bones and Feathers

Bearing Witness: Perspectives on War and Peace from the Arts and Humanities


Bearskin Diary

Beast Gate


Beatitudes of Ice

Beatrice & Virgil

Beau Lieu

Beautiful Children with Pet Foxes