CanLit Books

E-Crit: Digital Media, Critical Theory, and the Humanities

E. J. Pratt

E. J. Pratt on His Life and Poetry

E. J. Pratt: Complete Poems, 2 vols.

E. J. Pratt: The Evolutionary Vision

E. J. Pratt: The Truant Years 1882 – 1927

E. K. Brown: A Study in Conflict

E. Pauline Johnson, Tekahionwake: Collected Poems and Selected Prose

E.J. Pratt: Letters

E.J. Pratt: Selected Poems

Eagle Mask: A West Coast Indian Tale

Eagle Song

Eagle Transforming: The Art of Robert Davidson

Earle Birney

Earle Birney

Earle Birney

Earle Birney

Earle Birney: A Life

Earle Birney: Portrait of a Poet

Early in the Season: A British Columbia Journal

Early Indian Village Churches

Early Poems

Early Stages: Theatre in Ontario 1800-1914

Early Views of British North America from the Collection of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery

Early Voyages and Northern Approaches, 1000-1632


Earth Alive: Essays on Ecology

Earth Dreams

Earth Meditations

Earth Prime

Earth Witch

Earth’s Crude Gravities

Earth’s Mind: Essays in Native Literature


Earthen Vessels

Earthly Pages: The Poetry of Don Domanski

Earthquakes and Explorations: Language and Painting from Cubism to Concrete Poetry

East and West

East of Myloona

Eastern Encounters: Canadian Women’s Writing about the East, 1867-1929

Eastern Passage


Eating Chinese: Culture on the Menu in Small Town Canada

Eating Dirt: Deep Forests, Big Timber, and Life with the Tree-Planting Tribe

Eating Their Words: Cannibalism and the Boundaries of Cultural Identity

Échanges intellectuels entre la France et le Québec (1930-2000)

Echo and Montana

Echo: Essays on Other Literatures

Echoes From Labor’s War

Echoes from the Other Land

Echoes from the Other Land

Echoes in Silence

Echoes in Silence

Echoes of Combat: Trauma, Memory, and the Vietnam War

Echoing Silence: Essays on Arctic Narrative



Economic and Social History of Québec, 1760-1850

Economic Sex

Economy of the Unlost (Reading Simonides of Keos with Paul Celan)

Écoute, Sultane

é‰cran total

Écrire au pape et au Père Noël : cabinet de curiosités épistolaires

Écrire dans la maison du père. L’Emergence du féminin dans la tradition littéraire du Québec

Écrire dans la maison du père. L’émergence du féminin dans la tradition littéraire du Québec

Ecrire en anglais au Québec : un devenir minoritaire? Quebec Studies 2

Ecrire en notre temps Essais

Ecrire le réel

Ecrits I


ɉcritures migrantes et identités culturelles

Ecrivains Contemporains. Entretiens 2. (1977-1980)

Ecrivains contemporains. Entretiens I: 1976-1979

Ecrivains des Amériques

Edgar Potato



Edge of the Sound: Memoirs of a West Coast Log Salvager

Éditer Hubert Aquin, Revue d’histoire littéraire du Québec et du Canada français

Edith & Winnifred Eaton: Chinatown Missions and Japanese Romances

Editing as Cultural Practice in Canada

Editing Modernity

Editions Fides: Collection Les Classiques Canadiens

Edmund Morris: Frontier Artist

Educating the Imagination: Northrop Frye Past, Present, and Future

Edward and Patricia

Edward Blake: The Man of the Other Way, 1833-1881

Edward S. Curtis in the land of the War Canoes

Edward Said and the Work of the Critic

Edward Said and the Work of the Critic: Speaking Truth to Power

Effets personnels


Eh, Paesan! Being Italian in Toronto

Eh? To Zed: A Canadian Abecedarium


Eight Men Speak

Eight Plays for Young People

Eighteenth-Century Canadian Poetry

Einführung in die Kanadistik

Einstein’s Cat