CanLit Books

Mambo Italiano

Mamie’s Children: Three Generations of Prairie Women



Man and His World

Man at Stellaco River

Man Cannot Speak For Her. Volume I: A Critical Study of Early Feminist Rhetoric

Man Cannot Speak for Her. Volume II: Key Texts of the Early Feminists

Man Descending

Man Deserves Man

Man Facing West

Man Facing West

Man from St. Malo

Man in Love

Man Without Face

Managing Just Fine

Manawa: Pacific Heartbeat: A Celebration of Contemporary Maori & Northwest Coast Art



Manifest Perdition: Shipwreck Narrative and the Disruption of Empire

Manifest Perdition: Shipwreck Narrative and the Disruption of Empire


Manitoba Highway Map

Manitoba Stories

Manitowapow: Aboriginal Writings from the Land of Water

Mannequin Rising

Many Broken Hammers

Many-Mouthed Birds

Maple Leaf Rag

Maples and the Stream: A Narrative Poem

Mapmaker: Philip Turnor in Rupert’s Land in the Age of Enlightenment

Mapping Canadian Cultural Space: Essays on Canadian Literature

Mapping Desire

Mapping Literature: The Art and Politics of Translation

Mapping Our Selves: Canadian Women’s Autobiography in English

Mapping with Words: Anglo-Canadian Literary Cartographies, 1789-1916

Maps and the Writing of Space in Early Modern England and Ireland

Maps of Difference: Canada, Women, and Travel

Maps with Moving Parts

Marble Season

Marc-Aurèle Fortin en Gaspésie

Marcel Dubé

Marcel Pursued by the Hounds

Marcher pieds nus sur nos disparitions

Margaret and Al: Margaret Laurence-Al Purdy. A Friendship in Letters

Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood and the Labour of Literary Celebrity

Margaret Atwood reading “Unearthing Suite”

Margaret Atwood: A Biography

Margaret Atwood: A Feminist Poetics

Margaret Atwood: Conversations

Margaret Atwood: Essays on Her Works

Margaret Atwood: Language, Text and System

Margaret Atwood: Once in August

Margaret Atwood: The Robber Bride, The Blind Assassin, Oryx and Crake

Margaret Atwood: Works and Impact

Margaret Atwood’s Fairy Tale Sexual Politics

Margaret Atwood’s Power: Mirrors, Reflections and Images in Select Fiction and Poetry

Margaret Atwood’s Textual Assassinations: Recent Poetry and Fiction

Margaret Atwood’s Novels: A Study of Narrative Discourse

Margaret Avison

Margaret Fuller (1810-1850)

Margaret Laurence

Margaret Laurence

Margaret Laurence and Jack McClelland, Letters

Margaret Laurence, An Appreciation

Margaret Laurence, The Long Journey Home

Margaret Laurence, The Long Journey Home

Margaret Laurence: A Gift of Grace: A Spiritual Biography

Margaret Laurence: Critical Reflection

Margaret Laurence’s Epic Imagination

Margery Looks Up

Margin of Error

Marginal Notes

Margy Misunderstood

Mariaagélas: Maria, daughter of Gélas

Mariaagelas/Maria, daughter of Gélas

Marian and the Major

Marian Engel

Marian Engel: Life in Letters

Marian Engel’s Notebooks: “Ah, mon cahier, écoute”

Marie Carduner, Fille du Roy

Marie-Anna Roy, une voix solitaire


Marie-Anne: The Extraordinary Life of Louis Riel’s Grandmother

Marie-Eve, Marie-Eve


Marigolds in Snow

Marine Life

Marine Snow

Marinetti Dines with the High Command: A Manifesto and Five Aeropoems


Marion Bridge

Marion: The Story of an Artist’s Model

Mariposa Forever

Maritime Union: A Political Tale