CanLit Books

A la gauche de Dieu

A la Pointe des Yeux

A Large Harmonium

A Large Harmonium

A Larger Memory: A History of Our Diversity, With Voices

A Leaf in the Bitter Wind

A Life Consumed

A Likely Story: the writing life

A Linen Crow, A Caftan Magpie

A Literary and Linguistic History of New Brunswick

A Literary and Linguistic History of New Brunswick

A Literary Friendship: The Correspondence of Ralph Gustafson and W. W. E. Ross

A Literary Map of Canada

A Little Bit of Thunder

A Little Distillery in Nowgong

A Live Bird In Its Jaws

A Local Hanging and other stories

A Local Pride

A Long Apprenticeship

A Long Continual Argument

A Long Way from Home: The Tuberculosis Epidemic among the Inuit

A Long Way to Oregon

A ma mère, à ma mère, à ma mère, à ma voisine

A Magic Prison: Letters from Edward Lacey

A Magpie Life: Growing a Writer

A Man Called Moses: The Curious Life of Wellington Delaney Moses

A Man of Little Faith

A Man of Sentiment: The Memoirs of Philippe-Joseph Aubert de Gaspé 1786-1871

A Man of Talent

A Man to Mary, A Man to Bury

A Man Wanders Sometimes

A Manifold Voice: Studies in Commonwealth Literature

A Manual for Lying Down

A Map in My Blood

A Map of Glass

A Map of the Senses: Twenty Years of Manitoba Plays

A Mariner’s Guide to Self Sabotage

A Matter of Life and Death or Something

A Mazing Space: Writing Canadian Women Writing

A Measure of Consensus: Canadian Architecture in Transition

A Measure of Time

A Meeting of Streams: South Asian Canadian Literature

A Memoir of Friendship: The Letters Between Carol Shields and Blanche Howard

A Minor Operation

A Minor Planet for You and Other Stories

A Mirror of Our Dreams: Children and the Theatre in Canada

A Model Lover

A Most Beautiful Deception

a nanking winter

A Narrow Vision: Duncan Campbell Scott and the Administration of Indian Affairs

A Native American Encyclopedia: History, Culture, and Peoples

A Native Heritage: Images of the Indian in English-Canadian Literature

A Natural Perspective: The Development of Shakespearean Comedy and Romance

A Nest of Singing Birds

A New Anthology of Canadian Literature in English

A New Endeavour: Selected Political Essays

A New Improved Sky

A New Romance

A New World: Essays on Poetry & Poetics

A New-Found Ecstasy

A Newer Wilderness

A Nice Gazebo

A Nice Place to Visit

A Night at the Opera

A Night on the Town

A Noodle Up Your Nose

A North American Education

A Nun’s Diary

A Nun’s Diary

A Page from the Wonders of Life on Earth

A Painted Elephant

A Painter’s Country

A Particular Class of Women

A Passage Back Home: A Personal Reminiscence of Samuel Selvon

A Passion for Narrative: A Guide for Writing Fiction

A Passion for this Earth: Writers, Scientists & Activists Explore Our Relationship with Nature & the Environment

A Passion in Rome

A People in Arms

A People’s Art

A Perfect Night To Go To China

A Perfect Pledge

A Personal Calligraphy

A Picnic on Ice: Selected Poems

A Picture History of British Columbia

À pieds joints dans les flaques

A Pirouette and Gone

A Pirouette and Gone

A Place Between the Tides. A Naturalist’s Reflections on the Salt Marsh

A Place Called Heaven: The Meaning of Being Black in Canada

A Place for Margaret, Margaret in the Middle, Margaret on Her Way

A Place of Liberty

A Place of Many Winds

A Place Within: Rediscovering India

A Place You’ll Never Be

A Plague Year Journal

A Planet Mostly Sea

A Planet of Eccentrics

A Plea for Constant Motion

A Plea for Emigration Or, Notes of Canada West

A Plea for Emigration Or, Notes of Canada West