CanLit Books

No TV for Woodpeckers

no visual scars

no visual scars

No Writing At All Here

Nobody Asked Me

Nobody Danced with Miss Rodeo

Nobody Owns the Earth

Nobody’s Son

Nocturnes: Poems of Night

Nocturnes: Poems of Night

Noëlle à Cuba

Noëlle à Cuba

Noguchi The Samurai

noir blanc nabis


Noise From the Laundry


Nomadic Trajectory


Noman’s Land

None But Saints: The Transformation of Mennonite Life in Russia 1789-1889

None Genuine Without This Signature

None of the Roads Were Paved

Nonindifferent Nature

Nor’east for Louisburg

Nora by the Sea

Nord électrique

Norman Bray in the Performance of his Life

North American Birds

North Book

North by 2000

North of America: Images of Canada in the Literature of the United States, 1775-1900

North of Intention

North of Jesus’ Beans

North of the Cold Star

North of the Cold Star

North Spirit: Travels among the Cree and Ojibway Nations and their Star Maps

North Spirit: Travels Among the Cree and Ojibway Nations and Their Star Maps

North to Bondage: Loyalist Slavery in the Maritimes

North West Coast Indian Art

North With Franklin: The Lost Journals of James Fitzjames.

North: New African Canadian Writing, a Special Issue of West Coast Line: A Journal of Contemporary Writing and Criticism 22 (Spring/Summer 1997)

Northern Approaches: Canada and the Search for Peace

Northern Birds in Color

Northern Comfort

Northern Dreamers: Interviews with Famous Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Writers

Northern Experience and the Myths of Canadian Culture

Northern Frights 5

Northern Frights 5

Northern Kids

Northern Light

Northern Lights

Northern Passage: American Vietnam War Resisters in Canada

Northern Realities: The Future of Northern Developments in Canada

Northern Review, 1945-1956: a History and an Index

Northern Rover: The Life Story of Olaf Hanson

Northern Voices: Inuit Writing in English

northern wild roses / deth interrupts th dansing

Northrop Frye

Northrop Frye and American Fiction

Northrop Frye and Critical Method

Northrop Frye and the Phenomenology of Myth

Northrop Frye and the Poetics of Process

Northrop Frye in Context

Northrop Frye in Conversation

Northrop Frye on Canada: Collected Works of Northrop Frye. Volume 12

Northrop Frye on Culture and Literature

Northrop Frye on Literature and Society: 1936-1989. Collected Works of Northrop Frye, Vol. 10

Northrop Frye on Religion

Northrop Frye on Twentieth-Century Literature

Northrop Frye Unbuttoned: Wit and Wisdom from the Notebooks and Diaries

Northrop Frye, Myth and Metaphor: Selected Essays, 1974-1988

Northrop Frye: A Biography

Northrop Frye: A Vision of the New World

Northrop Frye: An Annotated Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Sources

Northrop Frye: Anatomy of His Criticism

Northrop Frye: Eastern and Western Perspectives

Northrop Frye: New Directions from Old

Northrop Frye: Religious Visionary and Architect of the Spiritual World

Northrop Frye: Selected Letters, 1934-1991

Northrop Frye’s Canadian Literary Criticism and Its Influences

Northrop Frye’s Fiction and Miscellaneous Writings: Vol. 25 of Collected Works of Nothrop Frye

Northrop Frye’s Late Notebooks 1982-1990: Architecture of the Spiritual World

Northrop Frye’s Notebooks and Lectures on the Bible and Other Religious Texts

Northrop Frye’s Notebooks for “Anatomy of Criticism”: Vol. 23 of Collected Works of Northrop Frye

Northrop Frye’s Notebooks on Romance

Northrop Frye’s Student Essays 1932-1938: Collected Works of Northrop Frye Vol. 3

Northrop Frye’s Uncollected Prose

Northrop Frye’s Writings on Education. Volume 7 of The Collected Works of Northrop Frye

Northrop Frye’s Writings on Shakespeare and the Renaissance. Vol. 28

Northwest by Sea

Northwest Quartet

Northwestern Approaches

Norval Morrisseau and the Emergence of the Image Makers

Norval Morrisseau: Man Changing into Thunderbird

Nos Corps habitables

Nos Valeurs en ébullition

Nostalgia and Sexual Difference: The Resistance to Contemporary Feminism

Nostalgic Journeys: Literary Pilgrimages Between Japan and the West

Nostalgie et tristesse