Special Promotion: Canadian Literature issues 230/231, 228/229, and 227—now with goodies!

We are excited to announce a special promotion for Canadian Literature’s upcoming issue #230/231: the first thirty pre-orders for the issue will include a complimentary button to celebrate its publication! We will also be including complimentary buttons for the next thirty orders of issue 228/229, Emerging Scholars 2, and the next thirty orders of issue 227, Asian Canadian Critique Beyond the Nation. At 1.75’’ by 2.75’’, these “mini issues” are a perfect replica of each issue’s cover, and can be attached to backpacks, purses, shawls, and more.

Issue 230/231, Indigenous Literatures and the Arts of Community, is guest edited by scholars Sam McKegney and Sarah Henzi. This double issue is slated to be published later this year.

Issue 228/229, Emerging Scholars 2, our newest published issue, is a double issue filled with the articles and poetry of Canadian literature’s finest up-and-coming scholars. Editor Laura Moss introduces this issue:

In the pages of a journal whose name implies a cultural nationalist mandate, given the current political climate, it is important to consider what is done in the name of nationalism, to scrutinize exclusionary, and often dangerous, paradigms, and to think about what role Canadian writers and critics have had and continue to have in resistance, protest, and activism. How have they been killjoys?

—Laura Moss, “Notes from a CanLit Killjoy”

Issue 227, Asian Canadian Critique Beyond the Nation, was guest edited by scholars Christopher Lee and Christine Kim. Of the issue, they write:

Extending Canadian Literature’s commitment to Asian Canadian studies, this special issue interrogates how national epistemes have become sedimented in the field itself, often in barely discernible ways. It is this self-reflexivity that we hope distinguishes Asian Canadian critique from the many cultural, activist, political, and institutional projects that have coalesced around this term.

—Christopher Lee and Christine Kim, “Asian Canadian Critique Beyond the Nation”

To take advantage of this special promotion, please click here to pre-order issue 230/231, or head to our online store to order issues 228/229 or 227. Remember, there are only 30 “mini issue” buttons available for each issue!