In Memoriam: Herb Wyile

It is with great sadness that we at Canadian Literature mark the passing of Herb Wyile, Editorial Board member since 2012. Herb published his first book review in the journal in 1991 and has contributed valuably ever since. He was a kind man with a lovely chuckle, a fierce intellect, incredible generosity, and a compassionate pen. He was always willing to help when asked and was as sharp and compassionate a reader of articles as he was of literary works. Canadian literary studies has lost a good friend. Herb was a professor of Canadian literature in the Department of English and Theatre at Acadia University with research on regionalism, historical fiction, Atlantic Canada, globalization, and neoliberalism. Herb’s influential publications included Speculative Fictions: Contemporary Canadian Novelists and the Writing of History (2002), Speaking in the Past Tense: Canadian Novelists on Writing Historical Fiction (2007), and Anne of Tim Hortons: Globalization and the Reshaping of Atlantic-Canadian Literature (2011). He was also committed to the Waterfront Views: Contemporary Writing of Atlantic Canada project. A consummate academic citizen, Herb served as the co-editor of Studies in Canadian Literature/Études en littérature canadienne since 2014. Cynthia Sugars, his co-editor at SCL/ÉLC, remembers Herb as “an exemplary scholar, a wonderful editor and collaborator, a generous colleague and mentor, and a treasured friend.” Herb’s life and work touched many people, including those of us lucky enough to work with him at this journal. He will be deeply missed.

Beyond being a long-time friend of the journal and member of our Editorial Board, Herb was also a significant contributor to Canadian Literature, having published four articles and numerous book reviews over the past 25 years. See below for a list of works published by and about Herb Wyile in Canadian Literature.

Book Reviews by Herb Wyile
Book Reviews of Herb Wyile’s Works